Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blowing Sex myths out of the water

Here's an article on FoxNews about common sex myths.

The very first one is that interest in sex decreases with menopause.  Fox's expert says that's not the case -- as do a lot of women I know personally.  In fact, one friend of mine said that after being "forced" into menopause by a hysterectomy, her sex life is the best it's ever been.

I'm actually sort of surprised at some of the myths.  Especially "Your most important sex organs are 'south of the border.'"  Really?  I thought most people understood that sex, arousal, orgasm...all have a very strong BRAIN component.

One of the myths is something I actually planned to address in my next actual blog post.  Having some Internet connection issues, so not sure when I'll get that posted.

I'm posting THIS from Chick-Fil-A, where I'm happily having lunch.

Any surprises on the myth list for you?

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